A-body 1963-1964 Pushbutton shifter….Plymouth and Dodge the same?



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Nov 20, 2006
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Is a 1963 pushbutton from a 1963 Valiant the same as a 1963 Dart? I k ow the shifter bezels are…just wondering about the mechanism, thanks!

I messed changing button assemblies putting torqueflite buttons where powerflite 2 speeds in a 56 .
The mechanisms interchanged, as did the buttons ,
But limited experience .
The odds are very good they will interchange, buttons just pull off, - except neutral, caution. (thnx Mark)
Don't try to open it up, it'll come flying apart like a wind-up clock, ask me . . . lol
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It has been a while, but I recall that the 63-64 units are identical for Dart, Valiant and Barracuda. I have a pile of them.
Yes, both Dart and Valiant used the same "typewriter". Even the B and C-bodies use the same one. It's the buttons and trim that are different on the B and C-bodies. The buttons are the same between Dart and Valiant. As for "buttons just pull off", that's true for all of them except the neutral button. You pull on that and you will break the hook tab on it, and it won't stay in place anymore. You need to remove most of the outer parts and then carefully move the Neutral button to the side so you can unhook it from the mechanism.
I pulled mine out of the dash attempting to restore it. The reverse button lever won't click into place and when you look at that lever it appears that the "clasp" mechanism one of the forks has broken off. Really not sure how if I have the skill to fab a new one.

@waguy Do you have a pile of them one of which you'd be willing to part with? Anyone know where I can get a replacement that works (the ones on ebay look dodgy).