Best damned Christmas present in a very, VERY long time !!!

$1.75 today when I filled up just to get extra weight on one side incase of icy roads. Weird the price drops on holidays and even weekends when the stock market is closed and not trading. A 4 cents drop in one day hmmm !!!
Just when the gas and diesel prices drop. Now the tax per gallon is going up at the beginning of the year here in PA.

And here in Virginia as well - raised the tax on wholesale gas 5c. Guess who that will be passed on to?
All I got for Christmas were a pair of socks and a piece ***, they were both too big.
wife asked WTF, gas went up .10 here almost CA gas tax kicked in? She was still stoked: $40 filled up the mommy van, first time ever! Im cool with that.....
Everybody is gonna get taxed for sure, if not much and the price held then I wouldnt complain. If the price of oil per barrel falls below many drillers break-even point then the **** will hit the fan, it needs to level off somewhere quick.
Its been $1.69 for a couple days now almost. I predict $1.59-$1.61 ish before something starts to happen.
Well.............its been holding at $1.69 for 5 or 6 days now @ my 3 favorite comparasion places, dont see many rumblings in the news lately about it, couldnt possibly be to good to be true could shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh let it stay there puuulllleaseeeeeee.
$1.65 today, damn thought it had leveled off at $1.69, I wasnt complaining for sure. Got 12.05 gallons for a twenty dollar bill, $5 dollars is actually once again some......gas money !!!
Quick trip, I haven't seen that since I left Wichita KS. I did like there coffee in the morning.
Quick trip, I haven't seen that since I left Wichita KS. I did like there coffee in the morning.

filled up for $1.589 at sams club two days ago. $32and change to fill up an empty 02 quadcab, who woulda thunk it ?
The QT where I base all these prices was $1.65 (its about due for another price change in a day or two) and another QT about 1 1/2 miles away was $1.74, its always higher...weird. Sure am glad my super low compression motor in my DD luvs the 87 octane in the winter LOL.
Well poop, it hit $1.64 for one day, almost hit my prediction of $1.61 ish before something happened..........boom $1.79 today :wack:
I heard that Obama's approval rating jumped up quite a bit since the gas prices fell. It's difficult to understand how some people can attribute dropping fuel prices to any of his policies.
And while every one was exited in officially laid in Texas we have had over 2000 rigs go down due to the price of oil...with at least 25 guys per rig that's a lot ofpeople without jobs