[FOR SALE] BIG SALE! Rear ends, power brakes, power steering box

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May 19, 2014
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For still have a few parts still available for sale, if you see something that you need, feel free to contact me by email, text or call.*
The current list includes:*

- Six blade small block fan*$30
- OEM washer reservoir*(new) $50
- 1969 Dodge Dart Grill (It came off of a 69 swinger)*$100
- A-body wiring harnesses (Under dash harness, engine harness, headlight harness and tailight/interior harness)*$300 for a full set of car wiring, will sell in pieces also
- 1968/9 Dart Dash trim*$150
- A-body (may fit b or e bodies) power brake booster, linkage and master cylinder (All new or faily new components and a complete conversion for power brakes)*$200
- Dodge Dart steering wheel horn rings (The GTS ring made of steel, not the half ring made of tin)*$100
- 1969 Dart taillight lenses*$50
- A-Body center console for barracuda or dart GTS (No cracks or breaks, just needs painting and I can do that for additional cost) $150*
- A-body power steering box (new) with pitman arm (new)*$150
- 1970 Dart wheel center caps*(SOLD)
- Small block 727 $250 and A-904 transmission with mild shift kit (comes with tranny lines, shift linkages, dipstick and speedometer cable)*$150
- 8 3/4 Center section (3.23 gears / 742 case / Open diff)*(PRICES VARY UPON SET UP)
- 1967/68/69 dart hood (light surface rust on part but i can do body work to get it to painting stage for additional cost. Also have the dual snorkal scoops for it if interested)*$100
- NOS Small block 340 manifolds*$300
- 8 1/4 rear end with 2.93 gears*$150
- Mopar A-body gas tanks*$100
- Mopar 8 3/4 Big bolt pattern axles*$200
- 2 Mopar 8 3/4 rear ends (one 3.23 open diff, one 3.23 posi) (Full rear ends, drum to drum, fully restored)*(PRICES VARY DEPENDING ON SET UP)
- 2 Small block A-body K members*$250 ea
- Dana 60 with 3.54 gears $2800

Also have a full set of Centerline Qualifiers for sale with Mickey Thompson Sportsman SR2 Tires. All rims, caps and tires are brand new with 0 km's on them (still have stickers on tires). Front rim size is 15x4 with 28x7x15 tire and rear is 15x12 rim with 28x12.5x15 tires.*

All prices are OBO and I can ship anywhere fairly cheap. I may also pay shipping depending on arrangement.


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interested in the front tires only. price shipped to 48322 please. also can i see a pick of them? thanks
Do you have any pictures of the dual snorkal scoops? How much delivered to 55072? Sorry, your inbox was full. Thank you.
tying to contact you pm box is full looking for your contact phone number
If someone is looking for a collection of parts, I can also sell everything in one go for a cheap package deal price. I have a lot of 8 3/4's and extra parts. Looking to just make space.
Hello would you have extra picks of the master cylinder and booster were they for a disc brake car? Also I still might be interested in you fuel tank would you happen to know how many vent tubes they have Ill be checking mine tomorrow? ty
Pm replied on parts banshee . Still have some parts kicking around plus a lot I never listed
Still have parts kicking around?

Potentially interested in the power brake MC and booster and a full wiring harness setup front to back.
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