"Bounty" for Ma Mopar Codes



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Feb 4, 2011
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Victoria B.C. Canada
Hey Folks . I’ve been reading threads involving putting the new computer engines in an older car, - and from what I understand, Ma Mopar won’t make the computer codes avail., like other wanna - be manufacturers do.. - soo… being an old gearhead, I ’m wondering if some sort of fund could be established, where interested members could contribute, with the purpose being to entice a hacker, to crack ma mopars codes, and thus be rewarded by our “bounty”,.. but could also profit by offering programs etc… just wondering..

I bet I'm gonna regret this.. but I'm trying to plant a seed....
I was lead to believe all hacker operations were legal . . . lol

and "necessity is the mother of invention"
I remember reading an article somewhere that you could buy a kit or maybe even a computer from an older GM car so there were millions of them available maybe hot rod or car craft I can't remember but they said GM told them how to decode it
I come from a time when someone would say "you can't fit that engine in there,," to which I ( and others) would reply...
"just pass me that 40 oz. hammer",, and a coupla days later, a HotRod was born..

And I was hoping there was a "nerd" out there, that is reaching for a "40 oz." keyboard..

It's all about the thrill of a challenge, and offering the challenge..