Cam And Lifter Hardness Testing

I have yet to experience a fail personally, My stuff, Customer's, bone stock to medium-aggressive....well, not true. The 2.3L OHC Ford in the 'stangII, started losing a lobe on #3. Found out someone forgot to screw the pipe plug in the tail-end of the cam. Built the engine, made sure cam was plugged, & grooved the journal at the rear so it fed from both ends...solved. Speaking of the mid-'80's, I have a full can left of this magic cam elixir,....lets start the bidding at One Millleeeon Dollerz!!
I have done many cam break in's, for myself, my family and other people, I have had only 1 go bad, and it was an old MP cam, slightly used, and don't know what decade it was from, I think most people don't understand the process, the engine needs to be primed, the distributor must be right, fuel in the carb, not cranking until the bowls fill, and must fire immediately, no cranking for 10mins.

Wow I think I read this earlier in this post. Lmao.
Post #36. From the MP bulletins:
' The 440 -6bbl used a special low taper 276* duration camshaft [ 1970 #3512033; 1971 #3512903 ]'.
I even ran a cam button back in the 1980’s with a mini express mushroom tappit cam. Those lobes were scary close on those cams.
Is that why a big block Mopar requires a cam button with a roller?
Correct and as Pittsburgh said, there’s no other way to set thrust. Other makes use a cam thrust plate which makes a button not necessary. The taper on a flat tappet keeps the cam pushed back while running and initiates lifter rotation.
I wan to see a video of chics in bikinis tearing a dirty grimy low compression LA318 2 barrel down...hey wait a minute... I think I have an idea...:lol:
There is a similar thread to this on SpeedTalk. A professional engine builder bought a tray of 128 lifters & 18 were soft.
18 out of 128? Ill take my chances as a 1 engine every 5 years builder no but seriously I am looking to have a Flat tappet cam reground and I will also buy lifters from the cam grinding shop. Whatever they recommend.
If you don't want lifter failure, have a factory set of lifters re-faced. How many times does it have be said???
A lot of the cam companies offer nitrating for an extra cost, but they don't advertise it. Surface Harding. Works very well.