Curious - dyno testing a long block


Uncle Bob

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Oct 28, 2019
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Almost Heaven, WVa
I wondered how Blueprint dyno tests a long block? Do they bolt parts on, run it in/test it, then take the parts off? It has to be that way, right?
I forgot about asking this, ended up building a 360 myself. Thanks.
Uncle Bob, I'm really sorry that I missed this question. I wasn't tagged, and don't instantly get a notification on the BluePrint forum, so I missed the opportunity. Really sorry. To answer your question YES we literally dyno every engine that leaves with heads and an oil pan. We simply bolt on an o-ringed manifold, and run it with a dyno carb. Very easy process. If you buy a longblock, it was just ran with the dyno carb/intake/distributor. Then that equipment is removed before crating.
I think they make a batch of identical engines and dyno test 1 out of let’s say every 100 or so. They certainly don’t test everyone. @Johnny Mac
It appears @Johnny Mac is too busy to answer this question. Kim

Old Kimmer, I simply missed the post. And we "Certainly do" 100% dyno test all engines. You describe our competitors well, but that's not how we do it. This video is 2 years old. We actually have 10 dyno's now. You are welcome to come take a plant tour any time.