Detonation/ p r e ignition

Only if it leaks from the valley..aka major vacuum leak post carburetor.

Try jetting up or looking at the timing.
As said above not likely but if it sucks oil in through the valley that can cause some bad detonation issues. Maybe, I could see an intake killing the signal bad enough that it leans it out so far to cause a problem but that’s really stretching for an answer.
Anyone out there who has had problems with pinging while using an Edelbrock
sp2p intake?
Has this happened to you? As in; pinging after the installation of the SP2P but not before, and with no other changes?
Detonation is usually preceded by pre-ignition, which is precipitated by the temperature in the chamber, or a part of the chamber, or a part IN the chamber; being TOO hot for the fuel being used, which then cannot resist the tendency to self-ignite.
Your possible solutions, in no particular order are;
a higher-octane fresh fuel or a reduction in loading
reduced ignition timing or reduced cylinder pressure
colder sparkplugs
a richer AFR or, fresh cold air
a lower maximum coolant temperature
reduction of sharp edges in the combustion chambers, or
a better shaped/sized, smoother, cleaner, combustion chamber

The goal of these changes is to eliminate hotspots or to reduce the temperature; in the chamber, just prior to the ignition event.

If the SP2P replaced a 2bbl, then yes it is possible; this speaks to loading, and possibly to AFR
That's exactly what I'm looking for. And a strong booster signal for a good mixture. trying to squeeze it for mileage as a part of the package.
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Click the link, then search the page for Evans says this coolant suppresses ping and start reading there.
Evens coolant claims that their waterless coolant eliminates hot spots and therefore helps with detonation. That’s the short version
@slantsixdan i saw no reference to a small block with any specific intake in that article. Your post made it sound like it was very specific to Mopar small block with an sp2p intake. Maybe I read the wrong one.
The engine/experience I was describing was a 318 with an SP2P—not that it matters, because (again) the SP2P intake is not causing your ping issue.