??Distributor shaft depth in oil pump drive??

Tried 3 oil pump shafts. All were MOPAR. I believe the issue is the bushing. I don’t believe it was installed correctly. Could be wrong, but that’s what my money is on.
So I pulled the bushing and measured it against an original from 1972 and 2 aftermarket bushings. They all measure the same. @.125 thickness on the collar. Back to the drawing board.

Does your block have the recess that the distributor base flange sits into, or is the block flat there? Have you measure the distance from the recess or block down to the top of the engagement slot of the intermediate shaft, and to the bottom? Have you measured the length of your distributor from the bottom of the base flange to the tip of the distributor shaft? Note there is no intermediate shaft in my photo because I don't have one handy.

I’ll do that today.. After removing the bushing and measuring it and seeing it’s not crushed or deformed in anyway, trying 2 other distributors and 2 other oil pump shafts. I’m starting to think the block height has to be different. I’m going to measure it against 2 other blocks that I have. I have no other idea what it could be.
If the block height was that far off I would expect intake manifold sealing issues. I doubt it's the block, bushing, or intermediate shaft.
Seriously thinking that when it turns the drive lifts up a bit. Not positive on that though. Has to be something simple. Hey @krazykuda what do you think?
Removed .035" from the base of my Pertronix distributor. Waiting on my bushing driver to install a new oil shaft bushing, then I'll take new measurements.



I would leave it there just in case when it runs that gear does move up. Wish @krazykuda would chime in he worked the Chrysler assembly line on small blocks he would know for sure.
Removing the .035 should give me a overall depth of .150” which seems to be the a average of everyone I spoke with.
I had measured with the shaft sitting on top of the oil shaft coupling. Base to block was .115”. So minus .035” should give me .150”

Oil shaft bushings...… Top to bottom...
1) Original MOPAR @1972
2) Current MOPAR
3) Pioneer
I went with the Pioneer due to the larger oil grooves for the shaft.

So here is the latest data. The below photo shows the Pertronix distributor that I cut .035" from the base.
I installed a MAHLE oil drive shaft, ( the coupling is actually @ .010" higher that factory, not much, but still higher)
I have a distributor depth that would be exactly .158"

So I took the same measurements with a brand new MOPAR distributor that I received to day from Mancini Racing.
The unmolested distributor with a MAHLE oil shaft sits at .140"

Seriously thinking that when it turns the drive lifts up a bit. Not positive on that though. Has to be something simple. Hey @krazykuda what do you think?

I would have to look at one and turn it over to see if the gear teeth meshing push up or down on the shaft...
Amazon sells it for $178, but shipping was over 1 month. I cancelled the order and went with Summit.