??Distributor shaft depth in oil pump drive??

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I'm a few days late to the party here but had a very similar issue with the distributor. Converted from the Mopar Performance to Mallory that comes with the Pro Flo 4 system. The MP distributor engaged about .100 but the intermediate gear has a slight chamfer. The MP shaft did not have a chamfer but the Mallory did. End up the two chamfered sections were all that was contacting and allowed about 15 degrees of free rotation. All measurements pointed to the distributor and edelbrock swapped it out for me. A new intermediate gera and bushing combined with the new distributor (.040) longer fixed the problem. I picked up the Proform tool from summit and worked well for about $100. Top distributor is the Mallory, bottom is MP.View attachment 1715377230 View attachment 1715377230 View attachment 1715377232

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Good information!!!
Another question,
Does anyone know why MOPAR stopped producing the Six Pack manifold? Seems their unavailable new.

LMAO Same reason they're not producing really anything anymore. They quit givin a crap long ago.
Does anyone have a suggestion or preference for “Break in oil”?
I used the comp cams break-in with the new cam. Seemed to work fine. Using their regular oil now. No complaints but a bit early to tell. Only 75 miles or so on it since it went back in.