Finally found a decent enclosed trailer to buy

Big Dad

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May 27, 2011
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S.E. South Dakota
Been looking , not every day but, fairly constantly since covid hit ..

Could not get anyone to take an order ( materials go up to fast ) and nothing but those cheapie v-nose type , was not interested in them .

One just got posted on craigslist 140 miles from me , new .. 28 foot, could of owned shorter , 26 which apparently no one makes any longer ..

Nice trailer, equipped nice , less than I see many others posted all over the net , one of my local racers bought a 2005 PACE Daytona 24 foot for $14,000 .. wow

used ones have been wild , go get it tomorrow , deal is done
Glad i'm not in the market for one now. I worked at a Pace dealer from 98 to 2003. My last 24' cost me $6,100 in 99'. Damn, guess i should have kept that bad boy...:lol:
The last one I bought was a Interstate.The were making them in Kingman Az.74 miles from me.
That was in 2010.Don't know if they are still there.
The point is Yes they are hard to come by.Dealers only want to sell what is on their lot.
A friend of mine told me today he is going to Tennessee to get his. He lives in Rockford Ill.
But he found what he was looking for.
When I ordered my new trailer 4-5 years ago I went from a 24 foot trailer to a 26 foot trailer and love it. That is about the limits of my property with it being two acres of hill. By time I load up my 25 foot motorhome, my Trailer Toad (3-4 foot), and my 26 foot box trailer it adds up to a pretty big number.
I got lucky, no other way to say it .. he ordered it 1 year ago for stock, and had it home 1 hour when I found it .. nice trailer, really well built
Nice box my friend! I’m due for an update…. but doubt it’ll happen :)