FORD Superbird???


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May 24, 2009
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Looks like Chryslers' copyright people fell asleep on the job. This one's from Down Undah.
I've never heard of such a thing.


I've seen their AU "Super Roo".

...and I like it.

But it does reek of the Mopar "look and feel".

Looks like a combination of Ford's 69 & 70 midsize (Torino/Falcon) platforms
It's from Canada
No it's not. It is from Australia.
It's Canada's version of those cars. Back in 1963 Canada had a Lincoln truck, it wasn't available in the states
I don't know where you got that idea. There's never been anything like that in Canada. We had Mercury trucks. Ask me how I know?
There were Plymouth pickups too. I've wanted a tailgate from a '72-93 Plymouth truck forever. They have the Plymouth name stamped in em
Yeah, not from Canada...unless Canada has right hand drive.

They are Aussie all right. Sold in the 70s. It was Ford's attempt to cash in on the fading performance car market.
Plymouth trucks lasted into the mid 1940's

Fargo trucks last year was 1972 (first year of that body style), so you could find a tailgate form one of those that will fit all they way into the 1990'a, but good luck.

Trail duster/Ramcharger hatch is not a tailgate. You'd have to cut and weld.

Mercury trucks went into at least the mid 1960's.