Getting home with broken axle....



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Feb 4, 2011
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Victoria B.C. Canada
My son was out 4x4ing last nite in his Cherokee.. A few miles out in the bush,, he twisted off a left rear axle, this is one of the "C" clip axles that'll slide right out..

With a little creativity,, he fabbed up an axle/wheel retainer, to get him to the road,, and got a friend to bring him home for the trailer..


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Actually it twisted off just outside the spline,, but I agree with you, and will suggest it,, thnx very much...
A friend broke a rear axle on his jeep years ago. I pulled my w100 right next to the jeep and held the wheel in place with my font wheel by nudging it back in as it walked out while we crept back to the paved road.
Those look like some big tires for an 8 1/4" i've read 33" is around the max. You can swap stronger axles and diff from a later Dakota truck but the lug pattern is different.

Edit: also if he has a locking diff which IMO is more important than big tires that will put a lot more stress on the axle ends