GREAT GUY ALERT !!! - Inkjunkie, please help me repay him..



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Feb 4, 2011
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Victoria B.C. Canada
I advertised the need for just a clutch pedal, so I could go back to 4-spd... Well inkjunkie had it, and sent it, and wouldn't take a dime, even paid shipping..

Major Thanks INKJUNKIE,,

Well,, I asked him what he needed, and he mentioned A-pillars for a 69 Dart, I thought I might have a pair, or pick some up at a swap, or a friend I know,, but nope..

I want to repay him and would like to know if there's a member who has a really nice pair, (A pillars)(pref black), that would ship them to him,, and send me the bill, any help appreciated, thnx . . grant

P.S. he also collects shot glasses, just a Santa hint for a Great Guy
Ink and his wife Ernie are definitely good people, got a nice battery tray from him for my cuda...same deal n/c!! Way to go guys!!
What do expect when you deal with the best? We have so many here that fit that description. It boggles the mind.
WOW twice this week a member doing great thing. I glad to see good people on here not the people that try to take advantge of you.
I haven't dealt with him, but I hear he is a good guy.
I like this thread WAY better than the "I got ripped off by ______" threads

Yup Ink and Ernie are good people but I think they need to get out of the bush more often. What do you say Ernie, time for a road trip or can ya wait till April when we'll be at the lake and you can come visit eh. I guess I better clean that hide to while I'm thinking about it.