Hmmm this looks suspicious

What a scam.

It would have FM3 on the fender tag in 1970, not 999.
I guess the body colour code -- when a special order colour was specified -- was subjective in its application ; I've personally seen : 97 , 98 , 99 and 999 colour codes , but have not seen an actual "FM3" ( Panther Pink / Moulon Rouge ) nor have I seen a "TB3" ( Corporate / Petty Blue ) prior to the 1972 model year , when its name was reassigned .

I'm definitely not trying to rail road this topic , nor am I trying to cause an argument , so please don't take offense to my info . I'm NOT saying you're right or wrong either :-D .
No offence taken :-D I believe all 1970 pink cars had the code "FM3" on the fender tag. Only a very, very small amount were built in 1971 that were pink, those cars had the "999" paint code. Here is a pic of the one in my garage, purchased from the original owner, "FM3" on the tag and build sheet as well.

here is a partial photo of my buildsheet for my FM3 70 Duster 340 3 speed...
Note the font....And FM3 paint code - shifted off center to the boxes.

fm3 bs.jpg
66340Sedan ; ShowandgoResto :
Thank you for sharing your cars' evidence of having the "FM3" on the fender tag and build sheet !

I knew a guy about 20 years ago whom had a 1971 Challenger R/T ( 383 Magnum / 727 / 3.55's ) which was factory Panther Pink .
Its fender tag read "999" in its body colour line , whereas its build sheet had " Panthur Pink" [ sic ] handwritten in the "comments" section at the bottom of the sheet .

Also , does anyone remember an episode of "CHiPs" which featured a Panther Pink 340 Swinger of 1970 vintage ??
I think it's probably legit. The title looks fresh from Motor Vehicle. The broadcast sheet looks like a repop. But the vin plate could be the problem. Could be a repro or removed and cleaned up? Law enforcement can tell if the vin plate is switched from secret numbers on every car. I have a car like that now and nothing to hide.
After reading this thread, I recall a story that a co-worker told me. Back in the day he had just saw his first 1971 charger. He thought it was ugly. So he rushed over to the dealer to get a 1970 model. After doing the deal he headed over to his buddy house to show off his new charger. When his buddy came out of the house and saw the car for the first time he went "Yuck Pink". My co-worker was color blind and thought the car was gray. Up set that the salesman sold him a pink charger he went back the next day to get a different car. He was stuck with it. He said he didn't keep the car long and never bought a car without some one else there that would let this happen again.
In the same vien, check out this, so-called, authentic VIN tag from a '67 GTX thats on ebay right now. Where do I start????

FakeVINtagRS23L71215609_035_LG (Small).jpg