I knew this day would come...#3 of #3...

Fuel and Air Systems

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    Hi All,

    As I said in the title, I knew this day would come, and this is one of three posts I have to make today. With that said, first, thank all of you for your help, your time is valuable, and (believe it or not) I appreciate it...a lot. I try to pay the advice and help I get here forward in my "real" job, since I am not the most skilled mechanic out there and don't have much to offer the FABO membership...

    I have done a ton of searching, but can't really seem to get much more than general direction on these three topics, so if I have failed to use the correct search terms, forgive me...

    Anyway, I have a (mostly) unmodified 1970 Duster (318) where I will be removing the original intake, carb, etc. and I am installing a FiTech Fuel Command Center...I will be installing the Fitech Fuel Injection unit (it is already mounted on the new intake, just waiting to get the old intake off). The Fitech FCC unit is mounted on the core support (no fuel to it yet).

    Now it is time to wire the unit in, and I really don't know where to start. I would like to use the factory wiring harness and modify it as little as possible, and only cut (or splice) into it as necessary - clean is the objective so when I pass this car on to one of my sons it will be easy for them to work on as I will diagram this out for them...

    As I said in the opener, any help one of you can provide is appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    JB, help here when and where you can. And never worry about giving back what you got. It’s all good. Just a little help for someone here one day can mean a huge thing for them even if you see it as a little nothing.

    With that said.....

    On wiring up stuff, splicing into a factory harrnass is mostly only done for “power on” items when the key is in the start and run position. A simple test light will show you the way.

    Other wires go to the battery direct. Install/Hook up the ground wire first. Positive last.

    The instructions should have the battery cables run and wired last. All the FI sensors should be an EZ run. The hardest being the O2 sensor since you will probably have to drill the exhaust pipe and install the adapter and bung in the tube.

    Think before you do anything where the wires are going to run. Sit in front of the car, hood open and get a metal picture of where you want the wires to run along the fire wall or anywhere else for that matter.
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