I woke up in my GNR "T" shirt and woke up in Paradise City

Woke up in my Metallica t-shirt and had to go to work, Sad but True.
Totally unrelated but last time i wore a metallica shirt to work i got ran over by a van (i was riding my dirtbike to work)

It took me two days to woke up, and when i did, i coulnt remember anything
Couldn't tell if it was true or dream

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I woke up Back In Time with my Huey Lewis and the News tee shirt on.
I woke up in my Pink Floyd T-Shirt & was on the dark side of the moon
Saw this topic on my audio forum a few months ago.

Respectfully I believe the format is:

"Went to sleep in my ______ shirt", and "woke up_________"