I woke up in my GNR "T" shirt and woke up in Paradise City

I woke up in my Allman Brothers tee shirt havin some Good Clean Fun.

How's that? lol

Very good.
I took the liberty to borrow from The Band for you:

"I do believe it's time to get back to Miss Kitty, you know she's the only one
Who sent me here with her regards for everyone."
I woke up in a Marty Robbins t-shirt in El Paso next to My Woman, My Woman, My Wife where we were Just Married. On the chair was a White Sports Coat (And a Pink Carnation).
I went to bed with my Springsteen T-shirt on and woke up with Rosalita sitting on my...............
I woke up to the warm smell of colitas with my Eagles t shirt on.