Lean out and miss fire

It is not going to be wrong firing order if it idles perfect [ original post ]. Nor will it be a reversed polarity pick up for the same reason....
A couple have mentioned reversed pickup polarity. LET ME BE CLEAR.

UNLESS YOU ARE RUNNING an electronic timing system such as EFI................

You cannot make it run correctly with reversed polarity because it changes the trigger point (the trigger point fires the spark "then" in relation to the cap contact "tower.". It MUST present the correct relationship

Again this is in reference to a distributor WITHOUT electronic timing control, Even one that is locked out.
Hey everyone I was able to finally track down my issue and yes I blame myself but also MSD. So after talking to some electrical knowledgeable folks we have concluded that the green and purple MSD wires were backwards. The distributor is a new digital with a blk/red wire and a blk/prpl wire out of it so I hooked purple wire to purplke/blk which both made by MSD but is WRONG! After switching the wires and retiming and some carb adjustment we are back in business. I just want to say thanks to all the folks who were kind to give me options to explore and how knowledgeable some of you are . Thanks again