Lets see some mopar steelies

I may have posted one, or more of these before. I owned them all, over the Years. -- Didn't know enough to keep them, plus others. -- :( --
Steelies on the 33.JPG
Steelies - On The Valiant.JPG
Steelies - On The Dart.JPG
Steelies - On The Savoy.JPG
Steelies - On The Coronet.JPG
the old dart gt with 14's n 225/70 then to 14's 185/70 nose 15x8's 225/70 rears . after crash iy was sold less running gear and exhaust to a guy in need of a good body . he put it together with his wrecked one 408 727 gv od dana 60 354 loc'r with wilwoods on all four corners better t bars and anti-sways front n rear . it is a much better car than my pile of parts , lol .





Here is my setup: Original steelies with covers, 14x5.5, BP 3.75. 5 on 4 bolt pattern. 205/70-14 front, 235/60-14 rear.


Well, yes and no. Blue dash, blue and gray door panels..... and gray carpet and roll bar. Street driven, put primarily a drag car.
very nice.. my interior is almost all gray with black inserts on the door panels... almost went with gray carpet but i know i would stain it with dirty shoes...

Just got these 15" WheelVintiques with the original poverty caps. Weirdly, the 6" front BFG Radials turn more easily with manual steering than the 5x14 Tiger Paws they replaced.