Maryland here......

Time to freshen up this topic. I've seen some newer folks from MD on here. I'm near the center of the county, Harford. Maryland folks, post up!
I'm still South of Annapolis along the Bay. But now at my other house in Viet Nam. Winters here,and summers in Maryland.
I said "newer folks". You've been here forever Mitch. :rofl::lol:

I missed you and Ray at Carlisle last year somehow, despite being there for 4 days. Enjoy your winter, it was 14* the other morning here in Harford Co.
Not quite MD, but Northern VA. I got that 8 3/4 housing from you a while back. Still great meeting you! Haven’t made much progress yet on the Dart but have been acquiring parts when I can. Ended up finishing up a home renovation to sell my house. Skipped Carlisle because of it but planned to have the whole family come home up too.
Lusby, Md here! Anyone have a Mopar engine builder they would recommend? Looking to get some work done to a slant six head
Gunthers Machining & Rebuilding


10409 B Woodsboro Pike

Walkersville, MD 21793

They are good people and did an excellent job on my 340 a couple of years ago.