My duster is officially a v8 car FINALLY!

So you are probably wondering how I got my engine to run with no transmission.
So i had a manual bell housing from a truck that obviously doesn't fit in the trans tunnel of a a body so I cut it all up the the point to where I had basically nothing left except two bolt mounting points and the starter housing. I then welded 2 braces to the transmission mount to where I could bolt them to the underside of bell housing so it could hold the back of the engine. I'm not using that trans mount anyway so why not. Works great for the moment. I'm waiting on to get a SST A41 overdrive transmission stage 2 which is rated at 550 torque. Wanted the stronger one because of maybe going to a supercharged setup down the road. And also having the overdrive for the highway will be great with the 8.25 rear with 3.55 gears.



Sounds good. How are you gonna run the exhaust? What dash cluster do you have?
I haven't decided yet how i want to run it yet. I will keep the Dynomax mufflers, but I'm not sure if i want it to come out the side before or after the rear tires or under the bumper. i do everything myself and have my own nice welder "used to be a welder by trade". suggestions would be nice to here. It will be 2.5 OD though all the way though. The dash cluster is from Yearone not sure the brand. but all the gauges are equiss white face gauges, Those were not cheap.
My suggestion is under the bumper. Looks and sounds cool. I just like the factory look with chrome tips.
Congrats that is a big milestone. Beautiful car.
Thank you! Its for sure a motivation now to get the car on the road. When the car is just engineless its hard to get motivated to finish. Now ive gotten a second wind to get it finished.
Does anyone know where I need get the right thread plug that fits it the intake that has the right OD pipe on it to get the right hose on this. I hate this look I'm very ocd on looks.

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