My New Toy 1968 Barracuda Fastback Formula S



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Aug 20, 2009
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Clarkston Michigan
Well I keep telling myself that this is my last one and then wallah I have another one to play with. I picked up a 1968 Barracuda Fastback Formula S, decent car the only rust spots are behind the passengers and drivers side rear wheels in the lower quarters not real bad though. The bucket seats and the rear seat are missing, all the A/C components are missing from under the hood, and there is no drive train but I just happen to have a fresh 340 on the stand in the garage. My 66 is completely finished so I will be driving that all summer while I play with this one. I am not in any hurry to finish this one, I am just going to take my time. I took a few pictures last night when I brought it home and I will do just like the 66 and show as I go. Stay tuned and enjoy, I kinda like the looks of this one.







Very Cool! But I would love to see pics of that 65 Falcon. One of my all time favorites.
Ok so I went to the secretary of state today to transfer the title and now the car legally belongs to me, so now I can start working on it. One of the things that I want to make sure that I understand is the 340 that is going in this car is a 1971 so after reading a few articles on here it looks like I will need to change the timing cover and water pump in order to make it easy to set the timing and hook up all the hoses and 68 brackets correctly. I believe the oil pan is OK to use, and oh yes I need to change the balancer also.
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The harmonic balancer needs to be correct for the timing cover also
It has a small rust spot on both side rear quarters right behind the wheel lips on the bottom, other than those no other rust. I pulled the stainless around the front and back glass today and the clips are still green and not rusted. I even lifted up the carpet on the drivers side front floor, nice and clean for as far as I could see. I plan on pulling out the console and removing all the carpet tomorrow then I will see just how clean it really is.
Cool pix what's with the words WRIGHT SHOES painted on the fender? Is there a story to that? I see long studs on the rear wheels. Was it an amateur drag car 20 years ago, and they were a sponsor?
That is what I have been told, the PO was a 1/4 mile guy and Wright Shoes was one of his sponsors. I did not know the PO but the guy who owned the barn where it was stored knew of him.