My wife was furious when she found this on the dresser


Brooks James

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Dec 12, 2020
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Help !

Your like me, but i live alone, so no complaining around here.
What my counter top looked like yesterday, at my place.

Calipers on counter 003 (Small).JPG
Wait and see what she does when you build a torqueflight in the bathtub.
I've been known to ruba dub scrub parts in the bathtub and kitchen sink.
rebuilt carburetors, wiring harnesses and motorcycle engines in the living room, no grief from the wife, as I keep the area clean.:D
I guess she figures it's better than me drinking out in the shop or at the bar, she forgot I quit drinking 30 years ago I guess. lol
My complete E body Dash whole thing ( pad, frame ralley gauges, wire harness )
Is ontop the entertainment center, in the den.
The whole top frame is behind the sectional sofa.
Hey it folds up. Yesterday put a tripple plated Master Cylinder back together in Den. It's hot outside. My wife and I guest room is a parts room.
If anyone wants toi stay over i could get it cleaned up. But could leave it as is if it was some one from this thread here. They would feel at home.
Some might be up all night making a,want list to go over in the mornings coffee time.
no grief from the wife, as I keep the area clean.

Wife #1 would ***** about "greasy garage things" in her house, no matter how clean it/they may have been.

Wife #2 has never said a word, even when she's had to navigate bare jukebox cabinets in the basement, or dashpads in the shower, as she knows I keep things tidy, and it's usually only temporary.
After 25 years my wife is used to this kind of thing
Here’s my stuff laying around the house, the rollout bed makes a good display. The wife don’t care, too bad I lost all of them in a boating accident.

I was doing the upholstery on the 56 Chevy seat in the living room. But since it’s (Her) car. She didn’t say too much. Lol.