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    May 28, 2004
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    I'm looking for a reputable auto broker that can help out a friend of mine. They have a 56 Chevy Stock Eliminator race car that I'll be bringing down here from the NW is a few months. They are retired, in poor health and would really like to move this car.

    Really hard to sell a race car however it would be easy to put this car back on the street. He had a really bad experience with Barrett Jackson a few years back so he's really skeptical of auctions. Having sold at and attended auctions over the past 15 years I can understand how he feels. I know an individual at Russo Steele but at this point I don't want to send him down that path.

    So, if you know someone that could lend some advice PM me. I should have the car down here the end of August.

    Thanks and stay cool.

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