New 26" rad - what hoses to use?

No one? I've seen tons of guys running similar radiators... someone must have written down the part number of the hoses!
I run a b cool radiator similar to that one on my 67 belvedere I just went with the gates flexible radiator hoses works good. Dustin
I think you should go to a local parts house and find the little sucker that fits best.
That's what I did when I put my 26 in, and it was well worth the time.

I can't stand flex hoses because of the turbulence they cause in the coolant flow (slows the flow)
Plus they look like sh*t. :)

Sorry Dartsun, but...
I'm not a huge fan of the way those flexible hoses look, that's why I want to go with stock looking rubber pieces. I hadn't considered that they may also cause turbulence with the coolant flow, but it makes sense.

Going down to the local parts store and rooting through their stock is definitely an option, but I was hoping to avoid that and just get something that I know fits.
Dont know if this helps you any because mine don't have a brand showing but part number for upper is is 07L01 EBP 80mh46. Lower is AU168 06c. This is for 26" in a 67 Valiant with a 340 so it should be the same fitment wise.


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