OEM shifter needed--or info bout replacement



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Jul 12, 2005
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Long Island NY
for a883 4 speed thats attached to my 360. No console, presently has older hurst short throw. Can any one help with the factory part or an after market that is easy to shift. Thanks
Are you looking for something special, or just a replacement. I have a couple Hurst shifters but I don't know what you want exactly. I might have a short throw and a factory one, I even have a Hurst Vertigate inline shifter.
You can have your shifter rebuilt . Year-one had a rebuild service, by Hurst, and would do your shifter for 86.95 for a complete rebuild, but that price was quite a few years ago. Are you sure the levers are adjusted properly? That will make it shift much better if it isn't.
I want the factory set-up. I think it was a hurst shifter, but I dont want one that has the set stops and close/short throw. Lemme know what ya got. Thanks
I have a factory shifter out of a 74-75 Dart/Duster that I converted to a bolt on stick. i'm not going to use it in that I bought a new comp + from Summitt
I just received a factory replacement from Brewers. $125 incl core charge. I already had the handle and rods
Does Brewers have a website or phone number? Any way the new shifter is in but its still binding in second gear. all the other gears are like butta but 2nd is giving me a lil prob every now and then. The tranny doesnt seem to go into second gear positively(lock in)?? any help .....you guys have been fan-friggin-tastic so far thanks much!!!!
I can't say for Brewer's, but Jamie Passon at Passon Performance is right on the money. He hooked me up with everything I needed and was a real treat to deal with. I think his website is Passonperformance.com. :happy10: