Old vs New 360/5.9


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Oct 24, 2017
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I've played with 318, 340 and 360 in the past and much has changed since. Can anyone turn me on to a site or book that deals with interchanging parts with the newer Magnum motors?
Will the faithful 727 bolt up to a 1998 block? Can I bolt the new style 5.9 Magnum heads to an older block? These are the kinds of questions I need help with.

I ask because my Son in Law heard that I use to race 67-72 Darts and now wants to get into it.
Any direction would be greatly appreciated!
Check out Engine Quest iron replacement heads. The bare castings can be had for about $600 and flow better than the stock, very crack prone originals. Look at the thread " another 408 build" for head flow #s and dyno info from my 408 striker( 4 inch crank in a 5.9) I think the Magnum motors are a great motor. Lots of advantages for up to about a 550 hp build.
One thing you have to watch is that the Magnums are "out of balance" DIFFERENTLY than the equivalent LA, IE a 360LA uses different converter/ flywheel weighting than does a 5.9 magnum.

BM makes specialty weighted stuff for them, and "if you are tricky" you could even use the 360 mag flex plate (which is weighted) against a neutral converter. This is not only different weighting than a 360LA but different OEM strategy, as a 360LA used a "neutral" flex plate and a weighted converter.