Painted Rallyes?



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Jun 16, 2009
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Southeast MN
Just wondering, has anyone around here tried painting their rallye wheels (the full center or just the darker part in the middle)? If so, any pictures? It seems like it could be a cool accent to have the chrome trim rings and maybe some of the car color in the wheel but I can't really picture it!
There are blue painted rallye on a for sale listing. 70 swinger I think.
I painted a set spineker white (body color ) once and added red dust shields ( interior color ) to keep the disc brake dust off the white.
It can look good depending on the body color. I prefer polished cone centers and brite chrome aftermarket trim rings.
I pulled mine off, removed the centers and re-painted them a flat silver to bring them back to life and deal with the rust which had been hidden by the trim rings. I used a Duplicolor rattlecan to do it.
I'm going to see about getting the trim rings re-chromed as well.



Eastwood auto has an excellent match, factory argent silver for mopar ralley wheels. Part number 100001Z
I'm thinking about doing mine in semi-gloss black. It might go real well with the Batmobile look I got going on. I'd probably have to lose the trim rings, though. I don't want to paint them, they're in too good of condition.

My old Valiant is gold, so I was thinking of trying the Duplicolor Bronze wheel paint on a set of stock rally wheels, just to be different!