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  • Let me be the first welcome back post here, great to see you have opened your own store bud !
    Just saw on a thread that you helped a guy with his motor swap...I know this is last minute, but would you be able to help today and/or the next three days with swapping out a D series motor on a '97 Civic with a B series? I live in the Tampa, FL area...I would any help you could offer, and definitely need extra set of hands, so if you know anyone else as well, please refer them!
    Chase is a beautiful Boxer =P~:cheers: He will keep you busy that is for sure :-D
    As you have found out by know they like attention and like learning new thing, Buddy has a tennis ball here in the house that he brings to me to bounce it on the floor so he can catch it, it took a few tries but he has it down pat know, Buddy has been leash trained by me and you should see him drag Treva around :toothy10: he tries that **** whit me and all I have to do is give the leash a quick tug and say NO!! and short leash him 1 foot till he quits tugging :-D bath time is no problem as long as I use an old show polishing brush on him when he is all lathered up and the water don't bother him, I lay a towel over his back to keep him from shaking after until he is dry.
    I am so happy for you and Chase :cheers:
    Hay!!!!!! nascar hit me hard today to, Hang in there and win this thing brother:cheers:
    Hey wanted to thank you for the net model. Got it Tuesday but been buzy and when I do have time sometimes I forget what I need to do.It gets worse the older i get.I will paint it like the pumpkin and try to make it look more like a 66.?Got some ideas in my head . Anyways thanks and glad to have ya for a fabo friend. DD Bob(Pete) Michael
    Hello DAWG. Dont think i'll be hitting that one. I was talking to the wife about planing a trip next year and maybe hook up with some members between here and Cincinastti, Ohio. Plan it around a couple events.
    High prices. I bet. Gives new meaning to what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I know i'd be going home empty handed. LOL
    hey homecloned hows it going? dawg here are you going to the southern nats in georga at the end of may? good wknd just went to vegas at the strip what a show parts were high $ but the farther i go west the more the prices go up. I love fl.
    Just a, Hi, how ya doin. See your closin in on 5000. Another post *****,lol.:-D
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