[Found!] Push Button Automatic Transmission Control Panel Help

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Jun 28, 2015
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I have a 1964 Plymouth Barracuda that was completely disassembled including the Push Button automatic transmission control in the dash. It needs to be reassembled however the auto body shop does not have that level of experience or knowledge and the person who did the disassembly has since left the shop . I need to find a place where I can either send it out to get fixed or provide me instructions on how to do it myself. All the buttons and cables were removed to have them "reconditioned/rechromed" and I was not privy to how it was all done during the disassembly.

Appreciate any help with this situation.
IIRC correctly, the buttons just slide and Clic onto "forks" of the control unit.
Figure out the order of buttons from R to 1, and find the appropriate" fork", so they all line up in order.
I don't remember it being that difficult, and the cable attachment should be obvious.
Good luck .
Worthwhile to check.your push button assembly for broken springs on the arms in the shift box. Common in highly used/abused push button shifters.
They took the "typewriter" apart? I've never seen a need for that. I've always just dunked them in solvent and spray-lubed them. I'd make them get you another working one, or, I'd find another shop.....maybe both since they don't seem to have talented personnel there anymore.
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