Random pictures thread

Scuba diving in Key Largo Florida. That is me on the right taking a photo of my wife hugging Jesus.:blob:

Touched that "Christ of the Abyss" staute myself. There were some very large Barracudas there when we dropped in on that dive.
I had to fly into a remote Papua New Guinea village to fix a broken helicopter. Before we left my pilot told the locals that we wave hello with our middle finger, told them it was friendly......LOL
Our church has a 40 year missionary in PNG, works with the Kobon people. He translated the entire new testament into the Kobon language (and a 2nd tribes!) and then published it. They didnt even have an alphabet! Then he set up a school to teach the natives how to read it...truly a miracle in this day.

Rain Storm front that rolled through on June 27th at 10:00 a.m.

Neat high pressure, low pressure front defining line.

What were the barracudas powered by ------lol

Was wondering if someone was going to pick up on that Barracuda thing. Lol . .

They were big Barracudas, glad they looked and turned the other way.

Here are a couple old film photos from our underwater camera from that dive back in November 1995.


Crazy . . .
This is in the cotton mill where I work. Twice a year my group blows off all the lint on the ductwork. This guy also uses a vacuum every day to suck as much lint as possible on a daily basis.

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