Reproduction 340-4 Speed Cam



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Aug 20, 2007
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krazykuda submitted a new Article:

Reproduction 340-4 Speed Cam

For those of you that want to run a factory 68 340 4-speed cam...

I worked with another member here and we sent one of my cams that was custom ground to be a clone of the 68 340 4-speed cam to Ken Heard at Oregon Cams and they measured it so they can duplicate it and now have it available for...

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I am considering using this cam, anyone here installed this cam?

You may get more replies if you post your question in this thread...

I'm planning on having 2 cams reground by Ken. Never used a reground cam before. How do they hold up?
The base circle will be reduced so you may need longer prods....
Which is really a non issue if you build these like you should. Rocker geometry shouldn't be overlooked on anything, really. Good point my friend down under.
Hope you & yours have a great Christmas & New Year.