Some M1 porting pictures and flow numbers

well this has been an eye opener here , i'm building a street/strip road car 64 cuda 4spd car with a 340+.06 with eddy performer heads ported with bowl work , i picked up a eddy rpm ag , and was also thinking of a 6 pack that i've got from a 70 aar cuda . but that three carbs and if the eddy rpm ag will flow good number across the rpm range . i'll go that route . choose a mp cam a solid tappet cam 244 dur @ .05 .351 lube lift 112ls overlap @ adv 60 deg at .05 20 deg .

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Put a intake gaskey on that RPM before bolting it up and check the bolt hole/port alignment
well they were used heads on a 408 , member wanted to go another way . they have had some port work n bowl clean up . i had them freshened up and set the proper valve springs tension for my cam along with a mod to the intake carb base divider . also gathered up a new eddy carb , but i have others as well .