Stop in for a cup of coffee

Good Morning Eric, saw an episode of Roadkill where they went to Bonneville in a Bonneville but there was flooding so it was a lake, made me think of you/your car, sure that doesn't happen out there that often.
Thanks Rich. It actually happens quite a bit. Lots of the races out there get rained out entirely, or just one course, or a short course, or shortened to just a couple of days. Last year they had to move the race course last minute only to have the wind pick up and push all the water to the new spot. So they just had a short course. Crazy to think when there are just a couple events a year.
Looks like the weather guessers have showers back on for Friday. :BangHead: Today is stray shower and the rest dry at this point. But they could still change their mind a few times LOL.
Dang. Nobody here. Maybe waiting for someone to serve drinks?
Going to be high 80’s today. And the weather guessers are calling it extreme heat. Funny, i recall this same weather back in the 70’s and 80’s. I remember it hitting 100 from time to time. Was no big deal back then.
Whatever, im heading to the city in my air conditioned truck. Never had a/c anything growing up.
How did we survive?