[FOR SALE] Thermo Quad for parts



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Sep 11, 2022
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keene nh
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Primary flap opens and closes,secondary is froze shut.Looks to be very complete.$20,Keene NH.Payment by US Postal money order only.


I believe he is looking for the carb model numbers. I’m interested as well.
That and "hang on" emissions BS too. Bowl solenoid, mixture control solenoid, etc (or hopefully lack of)

A 6545 is a 1974—1977 Dodge, Carter Thermoquad for a 440. The lack of emissions ports make this a very good hot rod carb. This is well worth the effort to rebuild & restore.​

Not sure. Now that I know what it came off of, I already have a good BB version here, and no BB engines in my "fleet". I'm wondering how interchangeable parts are between different TQs?
I have a couple of "smoggy" SB TQs here that are in good shape, freshly rebuilt, that id like to combine parts from, and make them less "smoggy". Is there a guide somewhere that tells what can be swapped out between different versions?
Thanks.does this mean your a buy??
I figured I’m second in line but otherwise, yea I’d take it to make a set of twins for my tunnel ram experiments.

I have a 6545 right now and a second would be great.

Then I can try a pair of 6545’s on top of my M1-TR for fun!
Imagine… a pair of big twin TQ’s at full howl coming down the road. People may run for cover….
Take it....Im gettin screamed at about buying parts... any parts