[WANTED] vent window channel - u-shaped pieces that attaches to door glass

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Dec 26, 2012
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I'm looking for the flocked U-shaped slide/seal with clips and metal pins that attaches to the front of the door glass and runs in the channel on the back of the vent window. All repop sources are out of them, would pay a premium for a set.
Do your research on the aftermarket ones. I heard there was some issues. Not sure if there is more than one company making them or if they revised them.
I think I have one used pair of original guide followers with their pin, if that help you any.
everybody that I contacted (including PartsMix) are out of these. I know about the issues with the currently available product (there only seems to be one manufacturer) but they are a whale of a lot better than the 50 year old disintegrating ones now in place. I'm hoping someone has a set around that they are willing to part with. Any other sources that I might not be aware of?
I used universal ones from RA. Go to the universal section, Body You need to know the profile they sell it in 3ft sections. Good manufactureres also.
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I have 2 vent windows if decent used seals/channels are you interested? I don’t have a price yet and have to look if that helps.
I talked to someone at Year One today - they usually offer these channel seals and I was told that the manufacturing facility that made them in the past burned to the ground recently. They (and many others who carry them) are working to get another reproduction company to provide these. I have heard time frames from late spring to early summer to get any new ones.
You would think there would/could be a DIY fix for these. These are simply to keep the glass stable in the channel and slide up down with glass. Being symmetrical(I think) a piece could be flipped side to side. I have a piece that I could get measurements from if need be??
Good luck.
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