What Weight of Coil/Rating Over Springs for my Dart



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May 18, 2006
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Switching to coil overs on the back of my 69 dart and was wondering if someone could help me get the right springs for it. The car is track only and weights 3100 lbs with the driver.
Running 130 lb now and dropping to 110 lb as others have mentioned.
Mine is also setup with 130 lb. springs. What is the advantage of using 110's?
I have my springs tightened up about halfway up on the threads and I have them installed in the top holes as high as it will go. My car is minitubbed and I need the height for the slicks to clear at back where the wheel tub meets the drop downs.
Hey Jeff

Sounds like you need to stay with the 130's to hold the car up high enough. That or you need to move the tub back farther to clear the tire. I had 110's on my car but it weighted 2800. The reason for running a lighter spring is to help the car move easier to stay hooked up on a rough track and the starting line. Hope to see you again sometime.

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