The question of B-body shifters in A-bodies seems to come up quite often. Even I was I the dark on this subject for years until I did a little research on it with the help of a another moparhead.

Side by side is an A-body console shifter (with ball) and a B-body shifter handle. The B-body unit will not work in an A- body because it will not clear a stock steering wheel in 2nd gear and in 3rd gear the offset bracket on the bottom will run into the console body.

The a-body unit will not work in a B-body because it is set too low and makes for a very awkward driving experience.

There is a book in print by Paul A. Herd which states that the two will interchange but trial and error and side by side comparison says otherwise.

the B-body shifter has "HURST" written upright and the A-body unit has "HURST" written sideways

(some info here and the a-body shifter provided for comparison courtesy Ranidart70)

Console Shifter ID 1-1.jpg

Console Shifter ID 1-2.jpg

Console Shifter ID 1-3.jpg

Console Shifter ID 1-4.jpg

Console Shifter ID 1-5.jpg

Console Shifter ID 1-6.jpg

Console Shifter ID 1-7.jpg

For 66 and 67 they used the Chrysler made "inland" unit which is not as desirable as the hurst built unit because there are bushings that wear out between the handle and mech. Plus you are in a bad position should the reverse actuator cable snaps which has been known to happen.

These shifters were used into the 68 model year and not a surprise to find this model in an early built 68

This shifter came out of a 67 Barracuda and although I don't have access to a B-body version of this shifter, the B-body will not interchange with the A because the B-body unit is significantly taller and straighter and causes interference in an A-body

(shifter provided for reference courtesy Ranidart70)

Console Shifter ID 2-1.jpg

another discovery that was made some time ago is in the "HURST" logo itself.

some have an engraved "HURST" logo that looks a lot like a "chicken scratch" and others have the "HURST" logo in block outlined letters.

The engraved one is 68 and early 69 and these units do have a slightly different angle and this holds true for non-console in both A and B body shifters as well.

for example, My dad has a survivor 1969 cuda that has the engraved style of shifter and it has a build date 8/27/68

the later shifter that is 69+ has the nice block letters

Console Shifter ID 5-1.jpg

Console Shifter ID 5-2.jpg

Another note is that the console shifter was never listed as an option in 1970 and up so it is very rare to find a 70 and newer car with an original console set-up. However, the console shifter and related parts were available through the "HUSTLE STUFF" catalog into 1973 so a 70 and up car may have a dealer installed or an owner installed set up using genuine mopar parts from the dealer parts counter through Hustle stuff.