Duster to Demon Tail Panel Swap

  1. Burntorange70
    Ok I am going to try this to help anyone wanting to go Duster to Demon. I am converting a 75 Duster so other years may not be the same but should be close.

    Taking off your Dusters panel will not be too hard. Lot of spot welds need cut out and there are a few spots that were tack welded that will need cut off with a cut off wheel when you find them.

    First pic is of the spot weld cutter I used. Sorry could not get a good pic of it.

    Duster to Demon Swap 1-1.jpg

    If you never used a spot weld cutter before it is not too hard to use.

    First drill a small pilot hole in the center of the spot weld just a little way in to help keep the cutter centered. A punch can be used too but I find it does not work as well.

    Next, start drilling. Try and drill as centered as you can so you cut all sides evenly. Remember you only want to drill through the first panel if your going to go all the way through you may as well use a drill bit.

    Here is the trick. Drill a little then check it, keep doing that until you have drilled about through the first panel and are about ready to go in to the 2nd one. PIC 2

    Duster to Demon Swap 1-2.jpg

    Once you are close I like to stick some thing like a chisel in there and pry just a little. The panel will brake loose from the spot weld once you get it close. This should leave a little button where the spot weld is on the panel you want to keep. PIC 3

    Duster to Demon Swap 1-3.jpg

    That's all there is to it. Just go around the panel until you get them all. You will find there is lead filler when you get up to the sides. You will need to dig this out some how. Try and find the spot welds in this area from the back of the panel in this area. PIC 4

    Duster to Demon Swap 1-4.jpg

    Trunk latch brace also needs taken off. PIC 5

    Duster to Demon Swap 1-5.jpg

    PIC 6 is all the way off.

    Duster to Demon Swap 1-6.jpg

    Next up is the differences Duster VS Demon. There is a few things you are going to have to work around so stay tuned.

    I am going to do each part that is different in it's own post then just put pics at the end of what I am talking about.

    First thing is the Tail light brackets. Duster does not have any and the Demon does. So your going to need them. Also The Demon has a brace coming off of the tail light bracket going up to the top of the trunk lip. Duster just has a brace going from the same spot down to the trunk floor. You can either cut out the Duster braces and use the Demon ones or keep the Duster ones in there and cut the braces from the Demon tail light bracket. Either way should work just fine.

    Duster to Demon Swap 2-1.jpg
    Duster to Demon Swap 2-2.jpg

    Duster to Demon Swap 2-3.jpg

    The trunk panel to tail panel on the Duster has two dips in it. one on each side. I think it is there to clear the later shock mounts. The Demon does not have the humps. Only thing I can think of is to start welding the Demon panel on then when you get to this spot "adjust it" some. AKA hit it with a hammer. Work both the panel and trunk floor together some. This will not be seen on the outside after the bumper goes on and should be covered up some by seam sealer on the other.

    Duster to Demon Swap 3-1.jpg

    Duster to Demon Swap 3-2.jpg

    Next up is bumper mounting. The Duster shock mount goes right through where one of the inner bumper mounts for the Demon needs to be. Either a patch will need to be welded in there or another mount will need to be fabbed up. PIC 1

    Duster to Demon Swap 4-1.jpg

    Demons also had an outer mount. So if you want your car to have it a hole will need drilled for it in the tail panel fill piece. PIC 2

    Duster to Demon Swap 4-2.jpg

    Behind the outer Demon bumper mount is a brace. PIC 3 and 4 and 5

    Duster to Demon Swap 4-3.jpg
    Duster to Demon Swap 4-4.jpg
    Duster to Demon Swap 4-5.jpg

    Last and most difficult is that tail panel fill peice. It goes in each corner and fills in the 1/4 to the trunk pan and the tail panel.

    It is very different in this area.

    Another thing you will find is very different is the back of the 1/4 panels. The Duster's with shock mounts is flush. The Demon has a lip to hid the bumper gap in the back. Both the 1/4 and fill panel has a lip that are spot welded together.

    Looks like you can make either work with some fabing.

    If you use the Demon fill panel at least you will have one lip to hide the bumper gap. Will take some reworking but should be doable.

    If you use the Duster one then some kind of a lip can be welded on to it to hide the bumper gap.

    Got some pics with both in there so you can see what you have to work with.

    That is all :salute:


    Duster to Demon Swap 5-1.jpg

    Duster to Demon Swap 5-2.jpg

    Duster to Demon Swap 5-3.jpg

    Duster to Demon Swap 5-4.jpg

    Duster to Demon Swap 5-5.jpg

    Duster to Demon Swap 5-6.jpg

    Duster to Demon Swap 5-7.jpg

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