How to Install High Performance Front Clutch Spring in 904 Transmission

    The goal here is to convert your front clutch assembly from 1 single spring return for clutch engagement to a smoother, more solid multi-spring return like big brother 727 has. This home-made tool can be made by using steel scraps laying around your garage, such as 1/4x1x8" or so bar stock, and any 1/4x1/4x4" or 1/4x1/2x4" and a large C-clamp/work table, (shown in pixs). Hopefully you/friend can tack weld these pieces together as seen in photos, grind as needed, then apply pressure with C-clamp to access the snap ring. Remove old junk single spring, then install the new spring set,(A&A Transmissions), top plate, snap ring and go for improved street/strip performance. Machine shops never seem to charge us less than $50.- for anything, so save when you can.

    Front Clutch replace Spg.jpg


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