Some of our restoration costs are not within our budgets, but will work for driver quality cars. So, we need to get creative. Here are a few ideas I have learned over many years of trial and error. Here, I am talking about how to reproduce turn signal lens, e-brake indicator lens, and hi-beam lens. After that, I will go over some suggestions for painting instrument bezel trim.

Fabricate lens;
Remove the old lens from the back side of your instrument cluster bezel with a metal pick or exacto knife. Use this old lens as a template/pattern and trace it on polycarbonate sheet, and cut slightly larger. Easiest to cut this material with aviation snips, I found. Finish to final size with small bench sander, or hand sand with 320 grit or finer. Remove protective film on both sides of new piece made, if you haven't already. Cut a few pieces of the colored vinyl wrap and apply to both sides of the new, clean surface of the lens you just cut and finish sanded. Trim off the excess with exacto knife and set inside the pockets where you removed the old lens on the backside of plastic bezel. RTV at the edges with very small dabs in 2-3 places and let it cure overnight. I have had good results straightening warped plastic instrument cluster housings and clear lense's using a heat gun or hair dryer. The key here is low and slow. You must do it slowly, and hold the desired shape until the plastic cools all the way down.

To paint trim ;
Hand sand the bezel with 320 grit or finer paper all areas which will get the flat black background paint. Wash thoroughly with warm soapy water, oils from your hands will cause problems with paint sticking to the surface. Carefully mask off areas where you do not wish to be painted the flat black ,like the factory did. I use 3M green automotive tape. Paint those areas you just masked off with 3-4 fine coats of the flat black, waiting 5 minutes between coats, it dries very fast. Leave masking tape on, as next you will hand paint the silver metallic on the raised trim with that paint stick applicator. Shake the applicator regularly and try a sample area before attempting the bezel trim. Go slowly and evenly across the trim areas. If you make any mistakes, you can touch up using the same paints here and a fine artists brush. If you need a new wood grain background, DMT, (Detroit Muscle Technologies), on E-bay makes an excellent laminate for that for under 20 bucks.

A) Materials needed
1. 1/16" Clear polycarbonate sheet 8"x10" , or larger
2. Colored vinyl film wrap for headlights/taillights
3. Clear RTV to secure new lens
4. Testors silver metallic paint stick, (Bezel trim)
5) Duplicolor flat black spray paint , (Bezel trim/background)
6) Green automotive mask tape, 3M brand is best
B) Tools needed
1. Aviation snips or heavy duty scissors.
2. 320 grit sandpaper, to smooth edges after initial cut
3. Razor knife, for trimming edges after applying tinted film

Note; The 1st picture in gallery below is a visual aid when painting trim on instrument cluster bezels.The 2nd, 3rd pictures in gallery below are visual aids to make your own turn signal lens or brake/high beam lens. The last picture in the gallery below shows the Testors paint stick applicator.