The infamous clack clack clack of the blend door actuators on newer Chrysler products. Took the rear one apart and found the failure point. The white gear shaft sheared off the base of the actuator causing the gear to move off the teeth and make the clacking noise. FiX: Drill out the center of the plastic shaft carefully and thread a small self tapping screw into it. Drill another hole through base in the center of the dimple on the lower shell and put the screw through there and thread into shaft to give the shaft a new support base. It's ok if the shaft turns, it only needs to be stable as there is a receiver in the upper shell for the top of it. Put it all back together and let it cycle. It should move the door and then stop with no more jumping teeth. I was able to fix mine until I could order a new one.

let me clarify that the broken base is in the last pic, the round nub. This is the top of where you drill the hole in the bottom from the 2nd pic. you could also use a similar sized OD nail through the entire thing as the new axle for the gear and let the clamshells support it. Just put some tape over the ends so it doesnt fall out.