Hi y'all,

I have a 69 ignition switch with key I bought that was used but out of a low mileage Mopar that was rotted out. That part is a different story, however the switch when I got it, I found that it had a crack in one of the spade lugs that will need to be repaired before use. Instead of getting a sinking feeling coupled with an oh damn, I formulated a plan to repair it. This repair can be used on wiper switches, headlamp switches, or any other factory switch that's tabbed and riveted in this way. Follow along as I make a permanent repair to this part.

First pic is the backshell of the switch with the spade cracked at the radius of the 90° bend. There is barely enough left holding it attached.


First I added a small amount of solder to the radius. This will stiffen it up some but won't make this strong enough long term.


I fabricated a small angle from .004" brass sheet stock to fit into the radius.


Using a small amount of flux on the angle i heated the solder back up and the angle slid into position in the molten solder. She isn't real pretty, however the joint is now as strong or stronger than original, and the soldered on repair splint is low enough that the switch will fit into its connector.