How To Fix a Broken Stud on a 69 Reflector Bezel

  1. moparmat2000
    Do you have a set of 69 cast reflector bezels, and upon removal snap a cast in stud. That sinking feeling that goes along with what just happened followed by an oh shit this is going to cost me !!!

    Follow along. I have a fix for you. Its not OEM, but it will do the job, and let you still use the funny looking bulbed nuts.

    See below the reflector bezel i have. First thing i did was grind the stud flat, and drill a centered pilot hole.

    Then i enlarged the hole, and ran a self tapping sheetmetal tek screw in it.

    After this i removed the screw, and cut both ends off it, chamfered the end that sticks out, and reinstalled it with some JB weld making sure it was centered properly.

    After it was dry, i filed down the front side where the reflector sits, and primered the new stud.

    I hope this helps those of you that encounter this problem on disassembly.

    Maybe make it a sticky in the body forum?









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