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    Need rim/tire guidance on 68 Dart GT

    I used this page to figure out what backspace to use and my tires fit like a glove. How To Measure For Proper Wheel Sizes
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    Clothes at work

    Same as my "official" work outfit. Jeans and hoodie when it's cold, and shorts and T-shirts when it's warm. My buddy wears coveralls when he works on anything. Thirty seconds on or off and it saves his "good" clothes underneath .
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    Blueprint 408 carburetor

    I'm running the 800 cfm Edlebrock with a big cam in my 408 and we able to get it jetted and running great. Very easy to tune. As far as the Dana 60, I bought a Strange60 from Cass (Dr. Diff) and it was dropped shipped from Strange. Cass is very helpful so I let him make a couple hundred bucks...
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    What Are You Doing To/With Your Car Today?

    Yeah, he's loving his "retirement". I'll be up in a couple of months to visit.
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    Lets Talk About Coffee

    After reading this thread, I had to go make coffee and take some measurements. My coffee scoop holds EXACTLY one tablespoon. One scoop per 6oz cup. Whole bean freshly ground by me. Kitchen smells like Starbucks without having to take a second mortgage. Like @memike said, a pinch of salt to...
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    What Are You Doing To/With Your Car Today?

    We actually stopped at a couple of places yesterday to look!
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    What Are You Doing To/With Your Car Today?

    I'm dragging my car two hours south today where it will spend the winter in my buddy's shop. I've got a small list of things that need to be done and I never seem to be able to find the time in the summer to do them.
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    Coolant Recovery on a 72 Demon 340 Questions.

    Yeah, I didn't think about different tanks might be plumbed differently than mine. The long tube inside vents to the outside, the short tube stays covered in coolant and sucks back into the radiator.
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    6.4/8hp70 project 67 Barracuda

    Sounds like a great project. I'll be following along. How about a picture of your car?
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    Coolant Recovery on a 72 Demon 340 Questions.

    I think you have this backwards. The short pipe is the inlet to the tank and the tall one allows the container to vent if it fills up. At least that's how we hooked mine up.
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    Video from World Finals = Heads Up 340 Stock Mopars A Bodys in Mid 10's

    Here is the video you posted on Facebook
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    Hydraulic roller lifter questions (LA 318)

    What are your thoughts on these? I'm always a little leery of buying no name parts off of eBay. I am running stock Morels on a Comp 292 hydraulic roller cam. They are making a little noise (not unbearable) but I am regretting not going solid to begin with.
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    Dash Pad Repair?

    A professional interior repair guy (Dr. Vinyl around here) could fix those cracks but it would cost more than the plastic cap. I've been running a cap for 15 years and haven't had one person comment about it.
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    Donut spare

    Some of the 90's Lincoln Continentals came with an aluminum spare.
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    Convince me to put a TKX in my Dart

    I received an email today from Silver Sport Transmissions offering a 10% discount on Tremec TKX, T-5 and Magnum kits through cyber Monday.