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    Ammeter bypass

    Update: there is no electrical system in this car. What’s there is garbage as far as the changing system goes. I want to eliminate the voltage regulator plus all that nasty wiring and clean up the engine bay. After looking at the MAD drawing for a bit, I can’t under and why he wants to feed...
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    Ammeter bypass

    I am doing an ammeter bypass and 1 wire alternator update. I’ve been looking at the MAD diagram and I’ve searched some threads here but I’m not getting it. It’s a 73 Duster. I can’t figure out what terminal to drill out of the bulkhead connector, and if I’m supposed to eliminate the black...
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    421 Stroker with Trick Flow Heads/Intake Dyno - Redux

    I'm in Oregon and might be looking for a reputable dyno, could you share whose dyno you are taking it to?
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    [FOR SALE] Engle/Hughes SFT CAM

    I have a brand new Hughes SFT cam that was ground by Engle. This is a very nice core, as some cores I’ve seen lately are not nice with sharp edges and such. Specs are on the cam card. This would make a nice 380 inch or bigger displacement cam. Cam only no lifters. $165.00 plus the ride OBO. USPS...
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    [FOR SALE] 3 intake manifolds CAN buy them all don’t you know lol
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    [FOR SALE] 3 intake manifolds

    It is square ported. I can take some close up pictures in the morning before work. I’ll post them here.
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    [FOR SALE] 3 intake manifolds

    3 intake manifolds for sale. 1 W5 and 2 W2 intakes. The black manifold is a W5 intake that has never been bolted down. I also have a Holley W2 Strip Dominator. It has never had a grinder in it. I’m not sure if it’s even been bolted down. The last intake is a Victor W2. The Victor has some...
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    MSD 6AL for sale. Tested by Yellowrose. 155.00 USD plus actual shipping costs. USPS MO or PayPal if buyer pays all fees.
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    [SOLD] Adjustable pinion snubber

    I have an adjustable pinion snubber for sale. 65 bucks plus the ride. USPS MO or PayPal if buyer pays all fees.
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    [FOR SALE] MSD 6AL 6420