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  • Hello, I was just wondering if your Valiant was still for sale. I had a 69 myself and would like to buy another. Thanks for your time, Ed
    Ok, it's not a Mopar body, but it is a 57 Dodge hemi motor with IRS FI, per Fran Olsen in NC
    I would if I had a 67-9 Valiant here to cut it from! I have gutter sections, but don't know how if there is any difference between the Darts and Valiants. If you could send me a couple of pics, I could match something up.
    Don't have anything like that...and the difference is fairly obvious. Beside the opening, the side is kicked up where the four speed hump sits.
    Dan ,I am interested in your front end for a 65 valiant. How much? would be for a sb 318 would use tti headers .what type of steering box would i have to use,and steering column? Also would be setting up car for autocross style suspension. would be low.i see in some pics of other cars with your k member looks pretty low without lowering spindles. assuming that is.lol Also possiable upper and lower tubular control arms by yourself on stock k member? how much if they would work? Sorry for so many questions answer what you like sir. Thank in advance for your time .JohnD
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