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  • Do you know what changed from 75 to 76, mine is 74 duster, had bad interlocking seatbelt module, they want $150 and up on eBay for that module, I have found 2 1974 with bad modules as well as the one in my car now. You lose dash lights, cigarette lighter, turn signals, emergency flashers ,horn dome light and a few other items if you try wiring around module.
    As always, your posts/information/POV are educational and helpful. If 'Mattax' has something to say about 'it' (whatever 'it' is), I will rue the day I don't pay attention.

    ...I wonder what it's like to have a brain (and know how to use it).... Alas, no amount of explanation or help will likely help ME in that regard. I surely most positively DO recognize it in others when I see it.

    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for the exhaust references web-pages!!!! Most appreciated, interesting, and educational. THANK YOU SIR!!!
    Whatever this is posting area was, its not a good place to leave messages now. Instead start a 'conversation' (aka private msg).
    Would you happen to have a full wiring schematic for a 67 Barracuda, the supplement for the service manual you could send me? The screen shot of the one you put on my post about the fuse box is crystal clear, unlike the one from the MyMopar site, please??
    Hi, Just saw this. I'm not sure why it took a couple days to show up or I just didn't see it.
    I'll send you a PM as that should trigger an e-mail notification.

    Based on what you wrote in the thread, that seems to be a very slow mechanical advance, just 5 degrees between idle (??? rpm) and 2800, or it has a very quick advance that starts at an rpm lower than your idle speed. It would be helpful to at least get a few more data points.
    It sounds like the right port must by manifold vacuum. What you learn from that is 45-15 = 30 degrees in the vacuum can. Maybe. Maybe because the rpm with that much timing is probably higher. So maybe mechancial advance moved up to 16 or 17. Without rpm we're just guessing of course. (Note that in neutral an engine will almost always seems to like more advance and pick up rpm. But it has no power when a load a placed on it.)
    Good morning Matt, I went in garage today, warmed up car, disconnected vac hose from dist and plugged it.I varified inital timing at 15 degrees then turned idle screw in to get 2800 rpm and rechecked timing and got 20 degrees using a dialback timing light. I am using the left timing port on my carb which has no vac at idle. If i us the right port it pulls timing to 45 degrees at idle. Edelbrock carb. Am i doing this right?
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