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  • Hi Rob. Thanks for the comments. Best time so far is 10.97. It has a 499 stroker,727 and strange S60 with 373 gears. The gears probably hold it back a bit but make driving it on the street a pleasure.
    I think its pretty cool that you've had it this long. I think its great when you hear of people that had there car that long. I just bought my uncles cuda, hes had it since new.
    I saw that you had a plate built for your b1ba heads, if u don't mind I would love to take a look at what u fabed up. My e-mail is [email protected] Thanks for your time and I'm looking forward to hearing from u. Thanks again
    as i've said before, you should bust into the 10's real quick. i still think the 3.70 gear may be a problem [w/0 nitrous] Is your A & A trans the 2.7 low gear set? This will help. Are you using his tranz brake valve body? If so I would leave at 4800 rpm and not look down! Cause your wheels may be up!!! if memory serves me right, I had a 383 stroker small block which went 10.60's to 10.40's 126!

    Have a good day!
    Tire size is 28x12.5r15 et street radial caltracs, mono leafs, alston 8 pt cage, subframe connectors and a 8" billet 4500rpm stall
    Hey rob I am building a 64 dart with a stroker 416 factory 1970 block with super prep rhs heads made 577hp and 526 ft.tq and will be using a 904 built by a&a and a moser 60 with 3.70 gears car weighs 2625 w/o me in it I really have no room for any power additives I am hoping to make it in to the 11's whats your power plant and trans rear end and gearing
    Hi Rob Sorry to take so long to get back to you, but I just noticed the message. The funny thing about this is I have a twin brother too. We are fraternal twins don't even come close to looking alike. I got all the german, irish blood and he got the italian I am 6' fair skin alburn hair and my twin is 5'8" olive skin black hair. The Dart runs good but not up to exspectations, it has run a best of 10.99 at 124 but the 416 in it should be making enough power to go 10.6es, don't know if the 4spd is the problem or not. I been told by to many racers that an automatic would put in the mid 10s, but I love my 4spd. Talk to ya latter Gregg
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