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  • Hey Chris, I deleted my facebook (election year) but hope all is well with you and the family. Any updates on Clara? -Billy
    Yeah man, look me up. I'll be cruising with my girly, driving the newest addition to the family.

    The little red 63 Valiant... :)
    Funny, was just talking about Grand with Justin. When does it start? Can't wait, hopefully I can get the Barracuda done before it's over. I doubt it, but never hurts to dream. :p
    hey just letting you know the mopar spring fling is coming up in april and i would to see all of our mopar so cal buddys here on fabo
    Hey Man! Yeah been swamped with kiddy stuff for a while since the wife's been out at sea. Been replacing the front end other upgrades in my free time to get ready for summer. How's things on your end?
    I was looking for your Duster. I got tired of trying to find a parking spot, so i just cruised up and down a few times, then went home.
    Hey thanks!!!

    I appreciate the kind words....makes me feel like I havnt been posting progress up here on fabo for no dang reason all this time lol.

    after awhile of not getting much interest in my thread i started to feel like maybe it wasnt interesting to anyone and maybe i have been all hyped up over nothing.

    I hope you get some progress done on your ride! and when you do...feel free to share some pictures with me!!!

    thanks again for dropping me a line, I appreciate it...take care buddy
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